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Have you ever evaluated how much time you lose when something unexpected arises, like your e-mail going down for a day? Think about the revenue you are losing when your computers crash or backups fail. Sick of calling your “IT guy” when you have a technology issue? Or worse, trying to search for an answer to your issue on the web? That’s where we come in with our certified experts. Silicon East’s highly skilled and friendly technicians can help with your computer woes and get you back to work quickly. We will never have you wait on long holds and most issues are resolved within five minutes of reporting. Contact us today and we’ll get your business on the right path to technology bliss.

Desktop Support
Silicon East has re-Defined IT with our Managed IT Services package. Our signature care package provides all the benefits of a full IT staff to help your business work smarter, faster and better, but without the cost of employing one. Silicon East is integrated into your system 24/7/365. Therefore, when you experience a problem, our engineers are able to securely take remote control of your systems to investigate and correct the issue. We allow you to operate continuously without interruption. Just think, no more calling your IT team in a panic while hoping they can get someone right out to help. Silicon East is there when you need us, and quietly working in the background when you don’t.
IT Projects
With more than 85 to choose from, Silicon East allows you to easily and cost-effectively complete both simple and complex migrations, installations, configurations, and more. And best of all, work is performed around the clock – so we won’t be interrupting your workday or negatively impacting machine
Project Categories
  • Active Directory
  • Email/Exchange
  • File & Print Server
  • Messaging
  • Network
  • P2V
  • Setup
  • SharePoint
  • Software Install
  • SQL
  • Virtualization
  • Utility

and more!

VoIP Phone Solutions
We have over a decade of experience in designing and deploying both on premises and Cloud-based VoIP phone systems.  We deeply understand the differences, and can make the right recommendation based upon your needs.  We also work with numerous dial tone providers (carriers) and will recommend phone service that’s right for you.
Backup and Disaster Recovery
Our Backup and Disaster Recovery solution is a complete, end-to-end business continuity offering designed to provide you with true peace of mind and robust data protection – meaning your critical files will always be secure and accessible when you need them, even if disaster strikes.
Hosted – Cloud Solutions
Are you satisfied with your communication and collaboration tools? Do you find yourself spending too much time making technologies work for you when they should be supporting your business? If you want to simplify IT with an affordable solution that is great for collaboration, consider Microsoft Office 365. With Office 365, you get enterprise-grade collaboration tools – such as business email, calendar, team sites, file sharing, instant messaging, and online meetings – that all work together and seamlessly connect with familiar Microsoft Office applications.
For many businesses, security runs deeper than simply ensuring that hackers stay out of your network and that your data is secured. While that is all of vital importance, regulations specific to your industry likely mean that you are required to take additional, often complex steps to ensure the full legal compliance of your business’s IT infrastructure. These requirements can be overwhelming, and an unwelcome distraction from the many and varied tasks you already have to contend with each day in order to grow and develop your organization. Yet the consequences of not staying on top of regulatory requirements can be immense – both in terms of financial penalties and even jail time, as well as potentially irreparable reputational damage.
Internet of Things
There’s a lot of hype lately around IoT – the “Internet of Things”.  Most everyone understands the basic meaning – controlling real things over the Internet.  And that could be a DVR, a camera, your home oven, a thermostat, security alarm, lawn sprinkler, door lock, or air conditioning and heating.  Even to the non-technical, it’s pretty clear that such capabilities greatly increase personal convenience, and can even enhance one’s quality of life.  This is of course the fundamental reason the IoT has caught fire – the Internet takes on real uses, beyond just communication and information sharing.  However, there are serious security requirements and concerns that must be addressed to safely control anything over the Internet.  Silicon East has been deeply involved in developing and deploying IoT security and can bring deep expertise to bear to securely implement your IoT project.