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Key Markets:

Real Estate

The geographically distributed nature of the real estate business creates unique requirements.  We have decades of experience in creating tight couplings across widely flung construction trailers, sales centers, management offices and headquarters.  You’ll be able to operate as one “virtual office”, even if you’re located in multiple states or even countries.


Manufacturers face global challenges today that mandate extreme efficiency.  Our clients operate world-class factories in large part due to highly productive IT infrastructure that we’ve worked with them to design and implement.

Medical and Dental

Federal HIPAA legal requirements require competent IT support, with penalties for those who fall short.  Migration of medical and dental practice management applications to the Cloud create additional challenges.   We understand the requirements and needs, and can provide not only secure, but cost-effective solutions.


Attorneys must be extraordinarily productive to best serve their clients.  Today professional productivity is all about technology.  We understand how to provide and support both the data and voice needs that attorneys demand.  Further, we can implement secure remote access capabilities that allow 24/7 access to information, whether at a client, at home, or in a courtroom.

All Businesses

No matter what your business is, IT is critical to the success of every customer.  And IT today is complex – you want and need skilled professionals, with decades of experience on your team.  Let us bring our expertise to bear on your business, so we can together work to help you prosper and grow.

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Consulting for Your Business

While we’re great at the hardware and software, our abilities go far beyond.  Every business should have a CIO – Chief Information Officer.  Problem is – most businesses can’t afford one.  That’s where we come in, providing you with a Virtual Chief Information Officer – VCIO for short.  We’ll meet regularly to review what we’re doing, what you’re doing, and provide the expert technology guidance to build on your success.

“Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the other.”
-Bill Gates